Buzz Lightyear Heads to Infinity and Beyond in the UK

Buzz Lightyear is certainly living up to his favorite catchphrase:  Disney has announced that Buzz is officially their top-selling toy of all time in the UK.

More than one million of the 12-inch movable, plastic toys have been sold since the figure launched 15 years ago, in tandem with the release of the original “Toy Story” film.  Disney forecasts an additional 50,000 units will sell this year in advance of the Christmas holiday.

Renewed, or perhaps sustained, interest in the popular action figure has certainly been helped by the theatrical release and wild success of “Toy Story 3” earlier this year, in which Buzz once again plays a central role.  And of course, Buzz will most likely be joined under the tree at Christmas by the movie itself; “Toy Story 3” was just released on Blu-Ray and DVD this past week.

Impressive indeed for a toy that began life as a film character, only then to become a toy. 


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