Christoph Waltz May Still Make Cameo In ‘Muppets’ Sequel

The upcoming sequel to The Muppets is getting ready to begin production in London next month, and we’ve been recently starting to hear some exciting casting announcements for the film. Last month, we let you know that while Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz was in talks to play one of the film’s leading human characters, the role will instead go to Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell due to Waltz’s scheduling conflicts. However, Waltz revealed this week that while he may not be one of the film’s human stars, fans may still get to see him in this exciting new film.

In an interview with about his work on the new film Django Unchained, Waltz revealed that his discussions about appearing in The Muppets sequel were not yet over. When asked about his rumored appearance in the film, Waltz responded:

“We’re talking about it again today, but it might not be a proper part. It might be one of these what they call cameos.”

Waltz went on to possibly tease how he’ll make his film appearance, bringing up the intriguing possibility of dancing with Miss Piggy–or rather, one of the talented puppeteers bringing the iconic diva to life. He told Collider:

“I was looking forward to meeting Miss Piggy, but they told me that dancing with Miss Piggy, for example, is almost impossible because she’s totally operated by puppeteers and dancing, you have to dance with someone where there’s actually a real person inside, so let’s see who I dance with,” he said.

Celebrity cameos have been a mainstay in Muppet films since The Muppet Movie in 1979, and we’d love to see Waltz still be able to make an appearance in the new film. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new Muppet film.



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