D23 Expo First Look: Take a Ride on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

If you’re like me, and can’t WAIT for the new Fantasyland Expansion attractions to open, then I have terrific news for you:  you don’t have to wait!  Because we have your virtual ride on Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train right here, right now – thanks to the magic of video!

Hop on for a ride through the upcoming attaction, and see vistas and venues virtually that you can expect to see when the ride debuts in the next couple of years.  My favorite part?  How the video not only truly captures the feel of the ride, but also how it orients you to the rest of the park.  You can actually see what the surrounding will look like, and espy the castle in the distance.

Have a look; this video will take your excitement for the new venues to a completely new level!


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