D23 Members to Get “Last Ride” on Disneyland’s “Star Tours” Attraction

On July 14th, the first 160 D23 members to sign up will get the opportunity to be the last riders on “Star Tours” before it shuts down for a major overhaul. Those lucky enough to experience this last run of the galactic flight to Endor will meet at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney on July 26th to be escorted, after park closing, into Disneyland proper. Accompanied by D23 staffers, the 160 guests will board four Starspeeder 3000 vehicles to experience the attraction as it will never be seen again.

“Star Tours 2.0” is currently scheduled to reopen in 2011 with high definition screens, in “Disney Real-D” 3D, featuring new destinations, and a new storyline.

At the last D23 Convention, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Jay Rasulo, excited the crowd by announcing that he and his team were “going to do things with ‘Star Tours’ that have never been done with any theme park attraction before at any theme park anywhere.” -L.A. Times

D23 is a prestigious, dues-membership fan club started by Disney last year which caters to some of the most die-hard & devoted of Disney fans. Anyone interested in membership, or for more information about the “Star Tours” last ride opportunity visit D23’s official site: D23