David DiGilio to Write Screenplay for ‘Tron: Legacy’ Sequel

Disney has hired David DiGilio to pen the sequel to a sequel, as the writer will create the next installment in the Tron series.

While the sci-fi thriller opened to a less than stellar response, earning only $44 million in the first weekend of its release, it managed to pull in $400 million worldwide during its theatrical run, and additional revenue with sales of DVDs and Blu rays.

To date, DiGilio has written mostly for television.  He created the short-lived Traveler series for ABC Television, and successfully pitched a sci-fi thriller, entitled Last H.O.P.E., to Showtime.  Other than that, he has a few film projects in development for DreamWorks currently.

While the slow-but-steady financial success of Tron:  Legacy certainly plays a role in whether or not a sequel is made, the future of the future film may also hinge on how well the new Disney XD animated series, Tron:  Uprising, fares.  Fans of the show on the network geared toward tween boys would certainly carry over to a Tron box office replay.

Another question remains about the future of the picture – whether director Joseph Kosinski would be back for another chapter in the story.  Kosinski is reportedly deeply involved in the upcoming Universal film Oblivion, which has apparently piqued the interest of superstar Tom Cruise.  Depending on the production timing of the two films, Disney may need to find a new director for the latest Tron tale.


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