Tron Legacy Trailer Preview

After a multi-city scavenger hunt Saturday, dedicated Tron fans glimpsed a preview of the Tron Legacy trailer, which will be debuted this weekend attached to Alice in Wonderland.

As part of an ongoing viral promotion for the movie, Tron Legacy director, Joseph Kosinski, and original Tron-er, Steven Lisberger, introduced the two-minute trailer, which was screened in an Imax theater in Los Angeles. The two assured the crowd, including many skeptics that this sequel would be worthy of the original film, that they had nothing to worry about.

The preview trailer depicted Sam Flynn, son of missing Tron hero Kevin Flynn, retracing his father’s steps and being launched into the same virtual world that trapped his dad. The familiar neon-accented surroundings await him and action-adventure remains the focus of the film…with a little romance thrown in.

Tron Legacy, the 3-D sequel to Tron — a 1982 film depicting a video game programmer caught in his own virtual world — is due in theaters on Dec. 17.

In the meantime, here’s the original Tron trailer, released in 2009:

Source: Wired

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