Deaf Awareness at the Disneyland Resort

Disney parks are internationally recognized as a beacon of accommodation for all guests who enter their gates, nobody is excluded in Disney parks & assistance is available to those who need some extra help. At the Disneyland Resort, guests with hearing disabilities are made to feel comfortable by providing “Assistive Listening” with amplification, easy to recognize sign language for Disney characters, “Reflective Captioning” in park theaters, and unique “Handheld Captioning” devices.

“International Deaf Awareness Week” is the last week of September & Disneyland is celebrating its guests with hearing disabilities by spreading awareness about the assistance they offer to guests. The Disney Parks blog presented the following video; can you guess which characters the host is signing at the end of the video?


One response to “Deaf Awareness at the Disneyland Resort

  • I just wanted to comment that although Disney is trying to support Deaf Awareness Week, they should stay away from this horrible term “Hearing Disabilities.”

    A deaf person is NOT disabled. They simply cannot hear. Many of my deaf friends would take great offense at that term, as well as “hearing impaired.” Both of those terms are considered politically incorrect. The correct term is “Hard of Hearing” or simply “Deaf.”

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