Demi Lovato Comes Clean About Drug Use

With her well-publicized stint in rehab for an eating disorder, self-harm and emotional issues, Disney darling Demi Lovato has now revealed another factor that led to her being placed in treatment – drug abuse.

The 19 year old says that self esteem issues and peer pressure led her to experiment with cocaine in 2010, and that promoters would supply her with drugs and alcohol while visiting clubs and restaurants because they wanted her to come back; essentially, Lovato says they were “kissing her ass.”

While Lovato is reluctant to go into too much detail about her drug use, she does say:

It’s something I don’t really want to talk about. What I can say is that I was depressed. I would come off stage in front of 18,000 people and suddenly be alone in a hotel room. I’d come crashing down and would try to find a way to recreate that feeling, to stay ‘up.’

Being placed in treatment wasn’t her idea, but Demi didn’t fight the decision at the time. Instead, she seems very grateful that she didn’t let drugs ruin her life like they’ve ruined the lives of so many other young stars. As she puts it, “being a celebrity can be dangerous. Nobody says ‘no’. That’s why so many end up overdosing and dying. It could definitely have happened to me.”

Thankfully, it didn’t – and hopefully, Lovato’s struggles will discourage other young, impressionable girls from heading down a self-destructive path.


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