Disney Ambassador Hotel in Tokyo Disney Resort to Undergo Renovations

From January 23 to February 15, the Disney Ambassador Hotel in Tokyo Disney Resort will undergo partial renovations to offer a more inviting atmosphere to guests.

The Disney Ambassador Hotel, already well-known for its Disney-themed interior, plans to renovate the hotel to the next level by incorporating the classic Mickey and Minnie characters into its decor scheme. When the hotel reopens, guests will have the chance to stay in the newly created Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse rooms which will reflect each character’s style.

The Mickey rooms will be decked out in red and yellow, while the Minnie rooms will reflect a more girlish touch. Each room will also come complete with exclusive amenity bags which will only beĀ availableĀ to guests in these rooms.

The renovations will be complete February 15, 2013 and the Disney Ambassador Hotel will reopen February 16. Will you be stopping by to check out the new rooms for yourself?


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