Disney Announces Official Debut Date for ‘Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom’

Late last month, we gave you a sneak peek of some of the cards players could expect to see when Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, a new role playing game, arrives at Magic Kingdom theme park. Now, the game has an official debut date: Wednesday, February 22.

The game will be included with the price of regular park admission, and we now know more about the back story of this game. Says Imagineer Jonathan Ackley, producer and creative director of the project:

Hades, lord of the underworld, has his mind set on making the Magic Kingdom his summer home. In order to affect that end, he’s recruiting the Disney villains to take over the various lands of the Magic Kingdom. Once they’ve taken over, it will be easy for Hades and his minions to come and take over.

Ackley also says that Merlin protects the Magic Kingdom, as well as a powerful artifact called the crystal of the Magic Kingdom. According to the back story, when Hades’s henchman attempted to steal the crystal, it shattered into several pieces. Visitors are tasked with finding the missing crystal fragments, and using spell cards to fight powerful Disney villains before Hades and his forces can take over the park.

The game has been in play testing for several weeks, but now Disney visitors will finally have the chance to play this highly anticipated game when it debuts at Magic Kingdom next week.


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