Disney Awards Conservation Grant to Wetlands Institute

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has awarded a grant to The Jersey Shore Terrapin Conservation Project, a program through the Wetlands Institute. This project is designed to monitor human impact on diamondback terrapins and help reduce the impact through various conservation measures.

Dr. Lenore Tedesco, Wetlands Institute executive director, says:

We are delighted to be working with DWCF to expand our work to reduce terrapin mortality due to human impacts in our community.  These programs provide the community with opportunities to participate in meaningful and impactful conservation efforts.

Within the year ahead, Wetlands Institute plans to develop an initiative geared towards saving terrapin hatchlings who become trapped in storm drains, as well as furthering their long-term preservation goals. Additionally, the grant will be used to enhance a project that brings conservation-based learning activities to grade school students.

To learn more, please visit wetlandsinstitute.org.


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