Disney Channel to Spotlight Internet Safety with New ‘Dog With a Blog’ Episode

While Dog With a Blog isn’t the most serious show on television these days – the family dog talks and has his own blog – the hit Disney Channel series is tackling a serious topic this weekend when it spotlights the dangers of social networking.

The episode titled “My Parents Posted What?!” airs Sunday, August 11 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel.

In the episode, Avery has secretly created a Buddy Bop profile despite being forbidden from doing so by her parents. When her parents discover the account they post silly photos of themselves on her page to teach her a lesson. But they also accidentally post embarrassing videos that are soon viewed by most of Avery’s schoolmates, leading to Avery being humiliated.

The episode shows viewers how Avery and her family deal with what has happened and how they process their feelings. Viewers will be left with some lessons and positive messages about using social media safely.

Disney Channel partnered with Common Sense Media for the episode, the idea for which came directly from the writers and producers of Dog With a Blog. The idea was to tell a story that featured a relevant topic but had not been told on Disney Channel before.

Common Sense Media provides trustworthy information to kids and families to empower parents, educators, and young people to be knowledgeable and responsible digital citizens. This is not the first time Disney has partnered with the organization. The cable network partnered with Common Sense Media last year for an anti-cyberbullying campaign that featured stars from the network and a Phineas and Ferb PSA on Internet safety.

Immediately following Sunday’s episode, Disney Channel is premiering a PSA featuring the cast of Dog With a Blog that reinforces Common Sense Media’s “5 Tips for Teens” and “10 Tips for Parents” for smart and safe social media use. Kids and families can visit DisneyChannel.com/DogWithABlog to watch the PSA and DisneyChannel.disney.com/tips for access to the tips.

You can see a clip of Sunday’s episode here.