Disney Channel Orders Pilot of New Show ‘Dog With A Blog’

For years, many of the Disney characters that we’ve come to love and grow up with have not been humans, but animals. From Simba in The Lion King to the Big Cheese himself, Mickey Mouse, Disney’s combination of animals with human qualities have produced some of our culture’s most treasured characters. Now, Disney Channel is looking to continue that tradition. This week, the channel greenlighted the pilot for a brand new comedy series, entitled Dog With A Blog.

Following the success of family-centered show Good Luck Charlie, Dog With A Blog will focus on new step-siblings Tyler and Kayla, two extremely different teenagers who are struggling to get along. Helping the siblings embrace being part of this new family, as well as navigate the world of high school, is their pet dog, Stu. A talking dog, Stu shares his canine point of view not only with his family, but with the internet, as he blogs about the family on his social network.

The show will be written and executive produced by Michael B. Kaplan (Disney XD’s I’m In The Band), with Neal Israel (Disney XD’s Kickin’ It) set to direct the pilot. The pilot will film the first week of November, and casting is currently underway for the show’s main family and Stu (who will be played by a real dog). Dog With A Blog sounds like an interesting twist on our obsession with social media, and we’re definitely curious to hear more about it. What do you think of the idea for this new show? Leave a comment and let us know!


One response to “Disney Channel Orders Pilot of New Show ‘Dog With A Blog’

  • i have a good idea who will star in Dog with a Blog
    Matt Prokop as Tyler (from HSM3 and Geek Charming)
    Mackenzie Baker as Kayla (from Suite Life on Deck)
    and Stu played by none other than Rowlf the Dog (from The Muppets).
    this is my idea for a cast but i can defenitly see Rowlf the Dog to play Stu, What do you Think

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