Disney Dream’s First Appearance Attracts Thousands

As we told you last week, the Disney Dream was scheduled to float away from its covered construction dock and into the shipyard’s harbor this past Saturday. 

The Dream, one of two new ships that are being built for Disney in Papenburg, Germany, made her first public appearance during a gala “float out” ceremony, complete with fireworks and special guests.  Donald Duck waved from the deck to Mickey Mouse, who waved back from shore, as his newest ship made its way into the harbor.

A town steeped in shipbuilding tradition, Papenburg’s residents turned out by the thousands to witness the spectacle, as tug boats guided the mammoth ship into the harbor for further testing.  Chief in attendance were the shipyard workers who wrought their own magic, as piles of steel became the gleaming new vessel.

For now, with the first celebration milestone behind them, workers continue to make ready the inside of the ship, and to fine tune and test every part of the Dream.  Rumor has it that even the Aqua Duck, the world’s first “water coaster at sea,” must be tested – in Germany’s 40-degree weather!  Brave souls, those Germans.  And we thank them for it.

The Disney Dream is set to sail her inaugural voyage from Port Canaveral, Florida, on January 26, 2011.

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