Disney Fantasy Introduces ‘Goofy’s Sports Simulator’

The new Disney Fantasy showcases the latest in cutting-edge technology, including a video game experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Dubbed Goofy’s Sports Simulator, players can use real sports objects like footballs, basketballs, baseballs and hockey pucks and interact with Goofy and other famous Disney characters.

In addition to Goofy’s Sports Simulator, Walt Disney Imagineers included several other interactive experience on board, including a Magic Play Floor. The Magic Play Floor has 16 huge HD television screens built into the floor, and passengers are able to interact with up to 32 different players across the dozen games available. Golf fans will also be able to play Goofy’s Golf Simulator, which actually features over 100 real golf courses from around the world. Players use a real golf club and are able to see an animated ball soar across the course.

Because Imagineers had one extra year to outfit the cruise ship with this innovative technology, passengers aboard the Disney Fantasy are able to have plenty of fun with the wide variety of interactive gaming experiences available. Check out the video below to see what one of them – Goofy’s Sports Simulator – is all about.


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