Goofy’s Paint and Play House Opens in Tokyo Disneyland

This week, Tokyo Disneyland welcomed a new attraction, Goofy’s Paint and Play House. In honor of the attraction’s opening, the Disney Parks Blog shared some pictures of the attraction, which is an interactive new experience that Tokyo Disneyland guests are sure to enjoy.

Goofy’s Paint and Play House takes place in, unsurprisingly, Goofy’s house, where Goofy is currently redecorating. Guests can help Goofy redecorate his room with the use of a “paint” shooting device called a Toontone Splat Master, which creates the appearance of paint flying out from the applicator and onto the walls or floor just by pulling a string or pushing a button. Guests work together to decorate the room using their Toontone Splat Masters, and different theme options, such as the beach and jungle, are available to help with the decorating.

Check out some photos of this interesting new attraction below, courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog:


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