Disney Infinity Details Announced

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the details surrounding Disney’s new gaming initiative, Disney Infinity. Now, the media giant has unveiled the plans for their take on a game that sounds quite similar to Activision’s popular Skylanders franchise.

According to media reports, Disney Infinity will be fun for both adults and kids alike. The game will be limited only by your imagination, and will feature popular Disney and Pixar characters and worlds that offer hours of play.

Each starter pack purchased will come with an INFINITY base, three character figures, a landmark piece and a power coin. The base will attach to your gaming console, and characters are placed on the base to unlock worlds and other games. The different Play Sets are themed to the characters, so there will be a different game for each world. For example, players can take on a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas for Pirates of the Caribbean or play a variety of franks in the Monsters, Inc. world.

In addition to the Play Sets, Disney Infinity has a “Toybox Mode” which allows players to truly create their own original game. With this mode, you can combine characters from different worlds, create your own unique gameplay experience or simply explore to your heart’s content. Additional figures and add-ons will be available for purchase so you can expand the Disney Infinity universe to suit your own gameplay style.

John Blackburn, the Studio Vice President and General Manager of Avalanche Software, offered his take on how the game game to be, and also a few tips for players who can’t wait to get their hands on the game when it debuts this summer.

When asked for tips for any players who aren’t sure where to start, Blackburn said:

What I would do is just start to explore. I think you’re going to get more out of this experience if you just let yourself go, and start asking the question, “Can I do this?” And just see where it takes you, because we really tried to make this world completely interactive and very expressive. And when you do that, and you start finding out some of these fun combinations that you can do, it’s going to take you someplace you didn’t expect to go.

It appears that this game will definitely be a technological marvel, and provide hours of entertainment for adults and children alike. If more information becomes available – including an official release date – we will let you know!


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