Disney Interactive Hosts Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit

inifinty toy box summitEarlier this month Disney Interactive played host to the first-ever Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit.

The event was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, which happens to be the home of Disney Interactive’s Avalanch Software and featured 22 Toy Box Artists from around the world.

Disney Infinity Vice President John Blackburn and executive producer John Vignocchi gave participants a chance to check out the new features in the Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition Toy Box. Participants also had a chance to be part of a 15-hour hackathon to experience all the new funcitons.

The Toy Box Artists who participated in the event were able to showcase their Toy Box creations to the Avalanche Software team and each received a Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Hereos Starter Pack. The winning artist – voted on by the online community – will also become a Disney Infinity Townsperson in the game.


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