Disney Invests in Live-Action “Mulan” Film

The Chinese folktale “Mulan,” previously adapted by Disney in their 1998 animated film of the same name, will soon return to the screen. However, this time it will be in live-action and 3D. Channel News Asia reports that Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi will both produce and star in the new film, which is expected to go into production in China in October.

The story, similar to the animated film, will revolve around Hua Mulan (played by Zhang), who enlists in the Chinese army in place of her elderly father, despite the fact that women are not allowed to join the army. She becomes involved with General Li, who admires her and puts himself in danger in order to protect her true identity from being revealed.

Reportedly being planned by Zhang for the past year, the film was shelved due to funding problems. However, after searching for investors at May’s Cannes Film Festival, Zhang was able to strike a deal with Disney, who is investing $100 million dollars in the film.

In addition to Zhang, US-born singer-actor Wang Lee Hom is slated to play General Li. American director Charles Russel, who is known for his work on such films as “The Mask” and “The Scorpion King,” will direct the film.


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