Disney ‘Jungle Cruise’ Film Gains Interest of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen at the "Toy Story 3" Premiere

According to Variety, Disney’s latest foray into transforming theme park rides to box office gold may have just gotten a major shot in the arm, as Tim Allen has expressed interest in the “Jungle Cruise” film project.

While developing the famed “Jungle Cruise” ride into a film has been a concept floating around at Disney for quite sometime, the project hasn’t really gone anywhere.  But recently, Allen, who considers the ride a favorite, thinks that writer Roger S. H. Schulman might be onto something with a new idea – and Allen has pitched the concept to pal Tom Hanks.

Obviously, reuniting Tim Allen and Tom Hanks has the potential to be a brilliant move for Disney.  The pair of talented and often comedic actors have displayed great chemistry time and again in their roles as Buzz Lightyear and Woody of “Toy Story” fame.  Pairing up for a Jungle Cruise film would be the first time the actors have worked together in a live action format.

Plot points are being kept secret at present, but the family-friendly film is likely to lean toward comedy adventure.

No word on a timeline, but Disney currently has no fewer than three films based upon theme parks in various stages of development:  “Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides” will set sail this spring, while a “Haunted Mansion,” thriller by Guillermo del Toro and Jon Favreau’s “Magic Kingdom,” based upon the park of the same name, are still in development.

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