Disney Junior to Revive Kids Series ‘Art Attack’

If you were a child during the 1980’s and 90’s, it was almost impossible to miss Neil Buchanan and his show, Art Attack, where he would make giant murals from everyday items most people have around their homes.

Now, Disney Junior has picked up Art Attack and will be reviving the popular kids television series for another generation of children to enjoy! The show will feature host Jassa Ahluwalia, and the premise will remain the same – to create works of art with objects lying around the house.

The show will debut June 6 and will feature 26 episodes.  It will also be available for viewing in over 100 other countries. Art Attack will keep several of its trademarks, including the original “Big Art Attacks,” but will also feature new surprises to bring the show up to date for today’s audiences.

Were you a fan of the original show? What do you think about Disney’s revival?

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