Video Tour of Utah’s “UP House”

A couple weeks ago, we let you know about an amazing replica of the house from Disney/Pixar’s Up! that was recently built in Harriman, Utah. Now, a video tour of the house has come out, and the level of detail with which the house was reproduced is truly amazing.

In the video, the Salt Lake Tribune takes a tour of the house, and it’s fascinating to see how closely the house’s decor, layout, and accessories recreate exactly how the house looked in Up!. It’s clear that the house’s builders really tried to honor the film as much as possible, and the house truly brings the magic of the 2009 film to life.

As we previously reported, the house is currently on the market for $399,000, and three to four buyers have already expressed interest in the property, so be sure to act soon if you’re interested in owning this real-life piece of the Disney/Pixar film.

Check out the tour of this amazing house below:


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