Disney Lays Off 50 Workers from Video Games Unit

On the same day Disney closed Epic Mickey developer Junction Point, the company also laid off approximately 50 workers from its video game division. The layoffs were separate from those who lost their jobs in the Junction Point closure.

This marks the latest in a series of layoffs for Disney Interactive. In 2011, the games division cut more than 200 employees while in 2012, ten additional workers were laid off.

Disney Interactive has significantly changed their focus, working on the upcoming Infinity game and additional mobile and social titles. Disney Interactive Co-President John Pleasants said:

Our division operates in a rapidly evolving industry and as a result we must sometimes make difficult decisions to ensure we’re meeting market demands. Unfortunately, today this meant announcing changes within Disney Interactive Games, including the closure of Junction Point Studios in Austin.

While Pleasants made it a point to mention the closure of Junction Point, he did not comment on the additional layoffs.


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