Disney Officially Announces Playdom Purchase, What Does it Mean For Social Media Gaming?

Disney announced today it’s official plans to purchase the social gaming company Playdom, claiming that the deal should be closed by the end of the 2010 fiscal year. Playdom produces online games like Mobsters, Sorority Life, and Tiki Farm that are played mostly through popular social media websites like Facebook and My Space. ClikZ.com is reporting that the Playdom CEO, John Pleasants, has already been named EVP of the Disney Interactive Media Group.

So what does this mean for online social gaming & Disney? Well, even though Disney is reportedly just “testing the waters” of social media outlets the acquisition of Playdom, it’s recent move to sell movie tickets through a Facebook application for “Toy Story 3,” and offering movie ticket discounts for “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” through Twitter add up to increased efforts for Disney to embrace the power of social media. Perhaps, eventually these social media games will include officially licsenced merchadise for the virtual players to wear, or globally recognized Disney characters will even appear in the games themselves.

One Disney exec told ClikZ.com: “Each effort is “brand dependent, product dependent, and situational,” rather than part of a broad company-wide strategy. In the end, he added, it’s all part of the company’s mission to be where people are and offer them a number of ways to interact with Disney brands and characters.” (-ClickZ)

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  • I can tell you what “some” gaming means for Disney. They purchased Playdom ” as is ” and that is exactly what they are going to get. I have been playing Mobsters and Overdrive ** 2 of the most violent MMORPG in the industry for 3 years now. I did play 2 milder games, Outworld and Heroes which Playdom deemed necessary to take all of the money we put into them games and disregard that and shut them down. Here s what to expect Disney..resentful players in most apps besides Mobsters and Sorority Life seeing those are the only two Playdom payed attention to besides making the monthly contribution of a horrible flash game like Wild Ones. Look forward to cyber crimes being committed on your servers everyday, every second by players harassing each other, calling names, assassinating characters, making mock accounts. These are all things Playdom never fixed or attempted to fix. For Disney, this is bad..seeing how they flaunt their forever glowing faces and eccentric attitudes in everything they do, furthermore here’s Disneys frown. This is not me trying to make Disney look bad. This is me giving the inside scoop of what to expect from the players and of the players. I am only coming forward with this issue because of Disneys strict ethical codes they stand by.

    # Internet Safety
    Since the launch of its first Internet site in 1995, the Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) has been committed to promoting both safe Internet practices for children and parental involvement in kids’ online experiences. In addition to championing and participating in numerous public education outreach programs which focus on safety, WDIG and its Disney Online group host extensive, original interactive content from trusted brands, and offer a variety of community tools that empower parents to control who their children interact with online.
    The Walt Disney Company.(2010).Safety and Security. Retrieved from http://corporate.disney.go.com/corporate/cr_safety_security.html

    The reason I point out the above reference is due to the large number of children who are under the age of 16 who pose as adults that go into these game applications and are exploited by adults through broadcasting systems. These same children are exposed to criminal related behavior and language which is dangerous to them. The social gaming market is not a place for Disney to impose their rules because they cannot control them without removing all of the communication from these games leaving the game as not so social.On a different note, I do understand the greater power of advertising with the games since I conduct services to help players become more powerful and there is a lot of money out there.
    Welcome to an arena of racism, sexual harassment, harassment, cyber bullying, uncensored communication and a whole bunch of other things you would not let your guests engage in on of your world renowned properties. I understand that this is Intellectual property, however good luck controlling it. 😀 stay smiling Disney

  • Jason,

    I wonder how much they cared about the titles at all. I have a feeling they were more interested in the technology and expertise. Even the Playdom player base has to be pretty insignificant in Disney’s grand scheme.

  • LOL And your only scratching the surface by saying all that. Someone posted on mobsters that Disney is going to close Mobsters. Given the fact that Playdom closed Heroes with no refund to those who spent real money, I really find myself being cheated yet again from my money without getting the entertainment, nor satisfaction from this game/s that I should of. Once again Playdom proves it’s lack of respect for its paying customers. They were in it to make a quick buck and get out. There seems no justice from people like Playdom who continually rip people off. I made many complaints against Playdom. If the bbb.com had listened from the start and done their job, this would never of happened. Disney, you will lose everyone if u change or cancel mobsters. LOL and thats the gods honest truth. Sad but true. And like the guy said, mobsters by no means fits the bill for ur corporation. U could not keep it without changing it so drastically that u would have to change the name to something stupid like *** friends or.. sorority 2 haha. well i will be putting in a bill for a full refund from playdom and sue them for all their 700 million they are gonna make. They can lose it all to me.

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