Disney’s Playdom Launches Popular Facebook Game on iPad

Today, Disney’s Playdom will be launching Gardens of Time, their popular Facebook application, on the iPad.

This marks a huge move for Playdom, as Gardens of Time is the most successful Facebook game created by the company. Since its launch in April, the game has taken players by storm – currently, there are 9.1 million monthly active users and 2.1 million daily active users.

By adapting the social game to the iPad, Disney’s Playdom hopes to continue their success. The game will be integrated with OpenFeint, Game Center, and Facebook, meaning iPad users will be able to keep the social aspects of the popular Facebook game while allowing the title to be spread in a more viral fashion.

John Spinale, senior vice president of social games at the Disney Interactive Media Group, says that Gardens of Time is “perfectly suited for the tablet experience,” and that the company sees the potential to engage with millions of players in this new format.


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