Disney’s Playdom Introduces New ‘Gardens of Time’ Game on Facebook

Disney Interactive’s Playdom announced the launch of their new hidden object game Gardens of Time on Facebook last week.

By adding a social element to a traditionally downloadable hidden object game, players are able to share accomplishments with their network of friends and engage in social play previously unheard of with these types of games.

Says John Hsu, Playdom’s Senior Producer for Gardens of Time:

Gardens of Timeredefines the previously solitary experience of downloadable hidden object games by adding a variety of social features so players can share the excitement and challenge with their friends. We want to give players the opportunity to collaborate, compete, and show off their achievements.

The new game allows players to join the Time Society, a group of time-traveling detectives who explore various scenes in order to uncover hidden objects and solve time’s mysteries. Players can collect ancient artifacts; personalize their very own garden within the game; and uncover countless hidden objects, as they travel the world to solve mysteries and correct the course of history.

At launch, Gardens of Time offers players many hours of free content, as well as 40 re-playable hidden object scenes and four different modes of play. The social networking aspect of the game also adds additional features, including challenging a friend to beat high scores, or sending them in-game gifts and hints. Players can also visit their friends’ gardens to help a player with quests.

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