Disney’s Playdom Launches ‘Blackwood and Bell Mysteries’ Game on Facebook

Disney-Playdom has launched a new hidden-object game on Facebook this week entitled Blackwood and Bell Mysteries. This is Playdom’s second hidden-object game, and aims to make these types of game more social than they have been in the past.

Says Joey Klein, executive producer of Blackwood and Bell Mysteries:

We expected more competition and we think there is space in the market for top-quality storytelling games.We also expect players can play more than one of these games at a time.

Their first game, Gardens of Time, had more of a lighthearted story. This time around, Blackwood and Bell Mysteries features a darker story, where two detectives explore the world looking for clues to solve various crimes. The game’s launch features four chapters with six different scenes in each chapter, but Playdom plans to release more content as players race through the different levels.


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