Disney Patent Hints at Home Game Console

Disney filed a patent over a year ago that hints at the media giant’s next foray into the entertainment industry: their own video game console.

Despite the patent application’s filing date, the USTPO recently flagged the patent and media sources are speculating what this could mean for the entertainment giant. According to the application, the device described would function as an “augmented reality” games console that players would use while wearing a pair of 3D glasses. The patent description says:

Techniques for displaying content using an augmented reality device are described. Embodiments provide a visual scene for display, the visual scene captured using one or more camera devices of the augmented reality device. Embodiments adjust physical display geometry characteristics of the visual scene to correct for optimal projection. Additionally, illumination characteristics of the visual scene are modified based on environmental illumination data to improve realism of the visual scene when it is displayed. Embodiments further adjust display characteristics of the visual scene to improve tone mapping output. The adjusted visual scene is then output for display on the augmented reality device.

Based on the images filed with the patent application, Disney’s alleged game console would be a handheld device similar to Nintendo’s DS or 3DS. However, the device may never get made, especially given Disney’s well-publicized plans to focus on social and mobile games in lieu of console and PC releases. We’ll be sure to update you when and if more information about this becomes available.


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