‘Disney Prep and Landing’ To Debut on DVD on November 22

If the beginning of summer doesn’t have you clamoring for holiday plans, then maybe this will.  Disney has announced that it will release the animated holiday favorite, Disney Prep and Landing, this November 22, just in time for the holiday season.

Prep and Landing tells the story of Wayne, an elf who has worked tirelessly delivering Christmas cheer to the children of the world for 227 years.  When Wayne doesn’t get a promotion that he’s expecting, he is instead paired with another elf, the ever-hopeful Lanny, and the two embark on a special elf mission.  Challenges and hilarity ensue, but in the end, the two elves aide Santa and save Christmas.

The DVD will include the animated feature, the first ever made by Disney specifically for television debut, as well as Operation Secret Santa, which features the voice of Betty White as Mrs. Clause, and the brand new Tiny’s Big Adventure. 

Look for the feature in stores, of pre-order it at Amazon.com.


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