Disney Presents $3 Million Gift to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

arnoldpalmerhospitalThe Walt Disney Company recently presented a $3 million gift to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children to fulfill a need in the treatment of young patient’s in the emergency and trauma center.

The $3 million will help the hospital purchase and install a new 3T MRI machine for the Bert Martin Champions for Children Emergency Department & Trauma Center. Other pediatric programs will also benefit from the gift.

“Disney’s commitment to the health and happiness of children and families can be traced back to our founder, Walt Disney, who frequently visited children in hospitals and guided company giving toward supporting children in need,” said George A. Kalogridis, president of Walt Disney World Resort. “Here in Central Florida, Disney’s gift to Orlando Health will enable medical staff to more quickly diagnose children in their greatest hour of need. We’re pleased to support Orlando Health’s commitment to providing life-saving care for young patients.”

The Arnold Palmer Hospital currently has one Flash CT scanner and one 1.5T MRI machine, but the increase in pediatric specialties and growing patient population have increased the demand for an MRI machine.

The new 3T machine will enhance the patient experience for families and improve patient safety by providing a radiation-free option.


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