The Walt Disney Company Announces a Plan to Reinvent Patient and Family Experiences at Children’s Hospital

team of heroesThe Walt Disney Company has announced a new initiative that will reinvent patient and family experiences at children’s hospitals around the world.

This new plan includes “the creation of personalized, distinctly “Disney” experiences featuring beloved Disney characters and stories.”

Disney Imagineers will also be leading the design work at these hospitals.

The first hospital to work with Disney is Texas Children’s Hospital.

The initiative includes a dedication of more than $100 million from The Walt Disney Company over the next five years. According to Disney, during that time “Imagineers will be working with patient care experts to help create a supportive atmosphere that’s personal, warm and entertaining at the hospitals.”

Some of the plans include the addition of RFID-based systems that allow patients to customize their hospital visit by choosing their favorite Disney stories and characters; themed treatment and patient rooms featuring Disney characters; first-run Disney movies in hospital rooms; and more.


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