Disney Releases Free “Tron” Video Game for iPhone & iPod Touch Users

In a frenzy of promotional efforts for the highly anticipated “Tron: Legecy” sci-fi film Disney has released it’s latest attention-grabbing promo; a TRON app. Considered a moderized remake of the classic “Tron Tanks” video game; content also includes video trailers of the upcoming feature. Super-fans who plan on attending Comic Con 2010 in San Diego will also have the opportunity to download surprise content when they visit the Tron booth.

According to “PC World” on-line:

“Tron uses a cryptic, futuristic interface that plays into the new film’s aesthetic–a melding of the classic Tron’s iconic imagery with the flashy special effects that modern audiences demand. You can tap on different icons to view a trailer for the upcoming Tron: Legacy film, another trailer and game info for the soon-to-be-released Tron Evolution game, and to play a drastically updated version of the classic Tanks arcade game.”

“Tron,” the video game, is now available in the iPhone & iPod Touch’s “App World” program.


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