Disney to Decide Fate of ‘The Lone Ranger’ Within the Week

After months of speculation regarding the big budget blockbuster The Lone Ranger, fans were disappointed when production on the film, barely begun, was abruptly shut down.  Whispers of concerns over budget surfaced, as industry watchers scratched their heads, and wondered about the fate of the film.

Now, word comes via The Wrap, that Disney is in talks with “all parties” to determine if production will go forward.  An anonymous source stated that a decision should be reached shortly after Labor Day – in other words, any minute now.

Many believe that Disney isn’t interested in discontinuing the movie altogether; rather, they are hoping to rein in the budget, estimated to be well over $250 million.  The film is set to star Disney’s most successful actor to date – Johnny Depp – as Tonto, with rising star Armie Hammer cast in the titular role.  Gore Verbinski is on board to direct, while Jerry Bruckheimer will (hopefully) produce.  The film reunites Verbinski, Bruckheimer, and Depp, who struck box office platinum with the first three Pirates of the Caribbeanfilms (Verbinski did not direct the fourth and most recent installment in the franchise.)

We’ll bring you word as soon as we have it.  Are you anxious for this one?  Let us know below in comments.


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