Disney to Sell Power Rangers

The Disney Company has sold the popular kid’s franchise “Power Rangers” back to its original owner Saban Entertainment.  The New York Times is reporting the sale and offers some speculation on why Disney made the decision:

“The franchise came to Disney in 2001 as part of the purchase from Saban and Fox of what is now the ABC Family cable channel. At first, Disney had high hopes for the characters, exploring additional licensing and even a feature film. But focus group research soured Disney on them. Mothers, the research showed, disliked the violence — particularly the hand-to-hand combat — that is part of the franchise’s DNA. Ultimately, Disney decided not to brand the Power Rangers characters as Disney products, which made the franchise something of a black sheep at the company.”

Saban Entertainmen has started production on an 18th season and has struck a deal with Nickelodeon to begin airing the show in early 2011.

For more information, please check out The New York Time’s article HERE.

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