Disney Uses New Facebook Application to Sell “Toy Story 3” Movie Tickets On-line

A new Facebook application called “Disney Tickets Together” is allowing Facebook users the ability to purchase “Toy Story 3” movie tickets without leaving the popular Facebook site, and also inviting their friends to join them. Announced unceremoniously on May 26th the innovative new application, working in conjunction with movie ticket sites like Fandango, is believed to be the first application of it’s kind. “Toy Story 3” has an official Facebook page with 732,000 followers and the Walt Disney Company is hoping to capitalize on the strength of social networking to promote the film and sell advance tickets in big numbers.

“What Disney is doing moves beyond just creating awareness to using the platform to acquire customers directly,” said Dan Rose, the site’s vice president of partnerships and platform marketing. “This is the first time that a movie studio has tried this, which we think makes a lot of sense because moviegoing is one of those activities that is inherently social.”

Used in the same way as other Facebook applications, “Disney Tickets Together” users must allow access of the application to personal information stored in their profile. After gathering data the application will load nearby theater locations, movie times, and ticket options for the user to purchase instantly.

“Toy Story 3” has a release date of June 18th and theaters across the United States won’t make advance tickets available to the public for at least another week. Disney’s new application is showing early signs of success, with users buying tickets in groups of as large as 80 people.

Anyone interested in trying the new application can find it here: Disney Tickets Together


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