Disney Working on Bringing Marvel Characters to its Theme Parks

During Tuesday’s annual meeting, Bob Iger, the president and CEO of The Walt Disney Company told attendees that the company is busy planning ways to bring Marvel characters, as well as other characters that appeal to boys, into Disney theme parks.

Rumors of bringing Marvel characters to Disney Parks have been hinted at since 2009, when Disney acquired the comic company. So far, only Marvel merchandise has made an appearance at any of the parks – but that might not hold true for long.

Says Iger:

We’re working on some concepts. It’s our hope that in a few places around the world, Marvel characters will appear either in attractions or lands or in some form to provide entertainment, like our Disney characters do.

In addition to working on plans to bring Marvel characters into the theme parks, Iger says that park and resort officials are working on ways to bring more characters into the park that appeal to boys, such as Phineas & Ferb, pirates and Cars characters.

During the meeting,  Iger also brought up the much-anticipated Avatar Land. Despite rumors on many fan blogs that said the project was dead, Iger confirmed that design work has already begun on the new land, slated for Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida.


2 responses to “Disney Working on Bringing Marvel Characters to its Theme Parks

  • Would definitely NOT like seeing Marvel characters in Disney parks… it’s just not Disney to me. However more Pirates’ characters and Cars etc would be very welcome! Little boys need more than Prince’s and Princess’ to identify with.

  • Ashley – thanks so much for reading! It will be interesting to see how they might incorporate them. Star Wars characters have certainly found their niche; maybe the Marvel characters will as well. Thanks so much for reading!

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