Disneyland Announces Spooky Halloween Enhancements & Events

Yesterday DisZine brought you an early peek at what’s going on in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World as preparations for fall & Halloween begin. Over on the west coast Disneyland is also getting ready for the spookiest season by announcing some attraction enhancements & special events just for Halloween. Starting on September 17 guests will have some chilling options to celebrate the season.

Halloween decor is just the tip of the candy apple at Disneyland! Some of the Halloween highlights are going to be an enhanced version of Space Mountain called “Ghost Galaxy,” meet & greet opportunities with notorious Disney villains, “Haunted Mansion Holiday” which turns the classic Haunted Mansion attraction into a festive “Nightmare Before Christmas” showcase, and a spooktacular “Halloween Roundup.”

Those wishing to attend a whole evening of Halloween hoopla should consider “Mickey’s Halloween Party” held after-hours in the Disneyland park. On Tuesdays and Fridays in October, as well as Halloween night (Sunday, October 31), the park is transformed into a soiree of great proportions & includes plenty of Halloween tricks and treats. The event requires a separately priced ticket which can be purchased on Disneyland’s official site; discounts are available with advanced purchase.

Party Highlights

  • Halloween Screams, a fireworks spectacular
  • Access to nearly all the attractions at Disneyland park
  • Music & dancing to help get the boogie in your bones
  • Treat stations offering candy & healthy goodies
  • Special character meet & greet opportunities
  • Plenty of surprise tricks & treats!

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3 responses to “Disneyland Announces Spooky Halloween Enhancements & Events

  • I really cannot believe that the way the economy is Disney would jack up their prices on annual passes and day tickets, and then only have the Halloween Screams fireworks show available for those who want to (or can) pay even more! This is barely my second year buying an annual pass and in this short amount I have seen prices soar for EVERYTHING! Parking, food, merchandise, souvenirs, entrance… I figure that if were willing to keep paying why shouldn’t we retain the same entertainment (like the Halloween fireworks show) AND have new things to add up with the price difference? If this is the way the parks are headed, I know where I’ll be heading next- OUT YOUR GATES! Bring EVERYONE the magic you seem to promise….

  • I TOTALLY AGREE!!! It is VERY maddening! Hey, I had passes to Knott’s last year. For half the money there are NO blackout dates AND you get free admission to THREE waterparks!!! Disney gauges you at every opportunity…

  • I bought ticket for the Halloween party early online. I had to change my travel date and can not change my Mickey Party dates.
    How would it hurt to change the ticket dates?
    Apparently I can’t give them to anyone else either.
    I’d have gladly sent them to the Hotel and let someone else use them.
    That was a waste of $100.00 .

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