Disneyland’s Holiday Fireworks Show Canceled Temporarily

On Tuesday, Disneyland’s holiday fireworks show was canceled again, making this the fifth time in the past week the show has had to be canceled.

The holiday display “Believe in Holiday Magic” was first canceled Thursday, due to both weather issues and a technical difficulty. That very night, a Disney employee had to be transported to the local hospital due to a noise-related injury sustained due to the fireworks show, but was subsequently released after treatment.

Finally, the Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday shows were again canceled due to technical issues, although Disney has declined to specify what these technical difficulties were. A spokeswoman for Disney, Betsy Sanchez, did say:

We are working diligently to resolve the situation and will host our fireworks as soon as possible. The safety of our cast and guests always takes priority in our decisions.

While state investigators are scheduled to visit the park today, the decision to cancel the nightly fireworks display was solely Disney’s decision. Dean Fryer, a spokesman for the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health, says “it’s not up to us when they shoot off their fireworks. It’s not clear right now whether or not this falls under our jurisdiction.”

According to Disney spokeswoman Sanchez, the decision regarding holding the holiday fireworks display is currently being made on a daily basis.


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