Selena Gomez Concerts Canceled Due to Strained Vocal Chords

While Selena Gomez’s 18th year has been very busy so far with the premiere of her movie “Ramona and Beezus,” it looks like the excitement may have begun to take a toll on the young performer. The popular Disney Channel star was forced to cancel her performances on Wednesday and Thursday at the Delaware and Ohio state fairs due to strained vocal chords. For the next week, Gomez has been ordered by her physician to stay on vocal rest and avoid traveling on airplanes.

“I am extremely disappointed to cancel these shows,” Gomez said in a statement. “My fans mean the world to me and I was so excited to perform for them.”

In Delaware, Gomez’s appearance will be replaced by a free performance by Allstar Weekend. Her appearance will unfortunately not be rescheduled during the fair.

Fans holding tickets for Gomez’s Ohio concert are in luck, however, as the concert is now rescheduled for November 6th in Columbus. All tickets for Thursday’s canceled show will be honored, or guests can choose to return their tickets for a full refund.



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  • it could not have happened to a nicer person like selena I think its becuase of earpiercing screams of little young girls selena tried to sing louder to beat screaming young girls I know I have been to two hilary duff concerts and heard 100% decibal screaming selena has hunreds of well wishes from fans all over the would wishing selena a speedy recovery her fan will be glad to see selena on stage again selena has been told rest her voice after cacelliing two concerts stange how miley cyruses voice has never broken she has been singing to sceamig youg little girls nearly every night longer than selena selena has resceduled her canclled concerts to november selena sings to screaming young little girls every night perants would get a headache the next day after the selena concert I have a feeling the begining of each selena the little girls chant selena,selena,selena over and over again before selena comes out on stage as the house lights fade selena is a girls girl little girls look up to selena as their faverote idol selena has is another hannah montana without the racy scandal photos unlike miley had a photo taken for vanity fair in may 2008 wich caused an outcry all over the would of a 15 yo girl with a bear back selena has just turned 18 she is legal she is sliping out her teens

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