Is Selena Gomez the New Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus is likely going to be with us for a long time, however she is unlikely to continue on as a Disney star; her recent racy videos and cover on Elle suggest she is distancing herself from her Disney Channel image. As she busily transitions her career to a more adult angle, will Selena Gomez be taking her place in Disney’s lineup?

Signs seem to point to ‘yes.’  Selena Gomez is starting her own clothing line, releasing her new album and even marketing Sara Lee products.  As she becomes more and more of a household name, the comparisons to the meteoric rise of Cyrus become obvious.  Is this all in line with Disney’s long-term strategy?

Disney considers it vital to have strong entries into what is called the “Tween” market.  These are youngsters usually a little before or slightly into their teenage years.  They are a particularly valuable marketing demographic because of the purchasing power they drive.  Tweens have very strong brand loyalty to their stars and buy products promoted by or depicting their favorites.  Enter marketing machines like Cyrus, or now Gomez, to take advantage of this phenomenon.

It appears however that Disney may have learned some lessons in their experiences with Cyrus.  While Selena Gomez is actually older than Cyrus, she does not have any of her predecessor’s reputation for being difficult.  Unlike Cyrus, whose father is a well-known musician, Gomez’s mother was a single parent from more modest means.  This difference in background may be partially attributable for the differences in personality.  Thus, even though Gomez may be older, her more innocent reputation and the apparently more pliable personality suggest that she is a better long-term bet for Disney.

From a monetary standpoint of course, being a Disney star has huge rewards.  While neither Miley Cyrus nor Selena Gomez receive exorbitant salaries for their televisions shows by most standards, their additional income can be astounding.  Between their record sales, concert tours, product lines and any other opportunities, their TV shows are in many ways merely a launching platform for a multimedia empire.

While Selena Gomez may not quite be the household name that Miley Cyrus (or possibly more appropriately Hannah Montana) is, her star seems to be quickly on the rise.  Her recent cable movie with Demi Lovato called “Princess Protection Program” was watched by 8.5 million people during its premier, making it quite a hit for the Disney Channel.  Miley Cyrus is likely moving on to bigger things, but Selena Gomez’s future with the Disney Channel seems well secured.

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3 responses to “Is Selena Gomez the New Miley Cyrus?

  • Honestly, Selena Gomez reminds me of late 90’s Britney-playing it innocent, talking a blue streak about waiting for marriage, and being too over-produced. I honestly think that in ten years, she and some others like her (::cough Taylor Swift cough::) will be passe, and Miley, who actually acts her age, will be something akin to Cristina Aguilera. Remember when Xstina was the bad one?

  • Interesting theory Hedy! I actually think the parallels are compelling. I will say though that Selena Gomez actually seems really smart, which was never a term I would have applied to Britney.

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