Disney’s Animal Kingdom Celebrating Spring with Frogs and Other Amphibians

disneysanimalkingdomtreeoflifeDisney’s Animal Kingdom is celebrating spring with a special event that connects families with nature.

On March 4 at Rafiki’s Planet Watch guests have a chance to get up close with amphibians including frogs and toads, and meet the animal experts who care for them. Kids will have the chance to build toad abodes for their own backyards, learn to leap like a frog, and listen to frog calls.

During this special amphibian event guests also have a chance to learn about Florida’s native frogs that are part of Disney’s Animal Programs native wildlife program. (Did you know that nearly one-third of the Walt Disney World property has been set aside as a dedicated wildlife conservation area?)

Guests will also be able to learn about the endangered Puerto Rican crested toad – which is being raised at the Animal Kingdom and then they’re released into their native habitat to repopulate the species.

There are many more events planned at Disney’s Animal Kingdom where families can connect with nature including: Party for the Planet for Earth Day on April 22, International Migratory Bird Day on May 6, World Turtle Day on May 20, Pollinator Day on June 10, Big Cat Day on July 29, Primate Day on August 5, and Elephant and Rhino Day on September 23.


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