Disney’s Animal Kingdom Planning ‘Spring Forward’ Event on March 5

disneysanimalkingdomtreeoflifeTo celebrate ‘springing forward’ next month, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is celebrating frogs, toads, and other amphibians at their ‘Spring Forward’ Event.

The event takes place March 5 at Rafiki’s Planet Watch and guests will have a chance to learn about amphibians while participating in fun activities. Guests of all ages can learn to leap like a frog, listen to and identify frog calls, and make toad abodes for their own backyards.

Animal care experts at the Animal Kingdom are also working to raise the endangered Puerto Rican crested toad at the park. The tadpoles are then released into their native habitat to re-populate the area.

If you aren’t able to make it the Rafiki’s Planet Watch on March 5 for the Spring Forward event, there are still ways to learn about amphibians in your own backyard. Animal Kingdom cast members suggest creating a habitat for frogs in your yard or taking part in a local pond cleanup in your city.

To find out more about Disney’s conservation efforts visit www.disney.com/conservation.


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