Disney's Rapid Fill Refillable Mug Program Likely Coming Soon to Walt Disney World

For years, guests at Walt Disney World resorts have been able to purchase refillable mugs for their stays, giving them unlimited refills on both hot and cold beverages. Now, it looks like this long-standing system may be getting some big changes, as it was revealed that Disney's new Rapid Fill Refillable Mug program may be arriving soon at Walt Disney World.

The Disney Food Blog was the first to report on the new system's upcoming implementation, which has not yet been confirmed by Disney. After first testing the technology in 2011 at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort, new beverage machines recently appeared at the Beach Club Marketplace at Disney's Beach Club Resort and the food court at Disney's All-Star Music Resort, signaling that the new system may start very soon.

What sets Disney's Rapid Fill system apart from the current refillable mug system is that all mugs and beverage machines will be equipped with RFID sensors, which will only let guests use the refill stations for a certain amount of time. Unlike before, where a guest could, in theory, bring back a mug from a prior trip and still use it without penalty, the new system will deactivate the mug once the guest's stay has ended, preventing the beverage machines from filling it up.

Guests will be able to purchase the refillable mugs now for different prices depending on how long the mug will be valid for. The mugs will cost $8.99 for 1 day, $11.99 for 2 days, $14.99 for 3 days, or $17.99 for length of stay. The “length of stay” mug is currently set for a maximum of 14 days, but should be able to be extended if needed by a cast member. The mugs will be valid for use at any Disney resort, even ones other than the guest is currently staying at. For those who don't wish to purchase the mugs, regular disposable cups will still be available, with each cup authorized for four refills at any soda fountain.

Again, nothing has been officially announced by Disney yet about the new program, but it is currently being reported that the Rapid Fill system is set to begin this month at Disney's All-Star Resorts before quickly rolling out to the other resorts. Head over to the Disney Food Blog for more details on this interesting new system.

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