Do You Have a Favorite Disney Villain?

If you have a favorite villain, Disney wants to know! Halloween time is when the most heinous of villains like to show their gloomy faces & steal the stage from Disney’s more cheerful characters. As the countdown to Halloween ticks away Disney wants you to vote for your favorite wicked villain in an on-line poll.

From now until October 28 guests can log on to Disneyland’s Villain Vote to cast their evil ballot in the race for ‘baddest of them all.’ Make sure to check the website every week to see who’s in the lead.

So who will it be? “Jafar” the all-powerful sorcerer, “Ursula” the oversized sea witch, “Maleficent” the medieval grudge holder, Navigator of Never Land “Captain Hook,” a hagalicious apple temptress called the “Evil Queen,” or infamous puppy ‘napper “Cruella De Vil?”

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