Employee Finds Hand Grenades at Downtown Disney

On Wednesday, a Walt Disney World employee found three hand grenades in a trash can in Downtown Disney.

A law enforcement official with the Orange County¬†Sheriff’s¬†Office said a janitor found the hand grenades, but that no one was injured. According to official investigative reports, the hollowed-out grenades would not have posed a threat to anyone, but they planned to blow the grenades up so they could be properly disposed of.

The grenades were discovered by the Disney employee around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday evening, and investigators removed the grenades around 10 p.m. Kathleen Prihoda, a spokeswoman for Disney, said that there was “minimal disruption to guests.”

Downtown Disney continues to operate normally, and officials say that guests are not in danger. As of this writing, no one has announced why the grenades were there or who could have disposed of them in a trash can.


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