‘Epic Mickey’ Hits Stores Today

 After much anticipation, the wait is over.  The “Epic Mickey” game arrives in stores today.

Available exclusively for the Wii gaming system, the game allows the player to become Mickey, and the adventure takes the world’s most beloved mouse into Wasteland, an alternate universe made up of forgotten rides, animation, and characters.  Armed with paint and pain thinner, the player must make decisions that will ultimately lead Mickey to become an epic hero.

The game, created by legendary Warren Spector, aims to make Mickey fresh to today’s generations, who have only been exposed to the famous little guy as a theme park mascot, rather than as a living, breathing, personality-filled character.  According to Spector, Disney’s charge to him:  “Bring Mickey to a gaming audience in a whole new way and make him a hero for the 21st century.” 

And that is exactly what he’s tried to do – make Mickey into the gaming icon that others without years of history and backstory, like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, have become.

“Epic Mickey” retails for $49.99.



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