Final Fundraising Efforts Underway to Save Walt Disney’s Kansas City Studio

For 15 years, a group has been working hard to save Walt Disney’s first professional animation studio and transform the site into an interactive museum and historical site. Now, final fundraising efforts are underway to save the studio, located in Kansas City.

Over the years, Thank You Walt Disney, Inc. has managed to raise – and spend – $1 million in their efforts to save the studio. They hope to raise another $2 million to restore Laugh-O-Gram.

Says Butch Rigby, chairman of Thank You Walt Disney, Inc.:

There is an important question people raise: Why is this taking so long? The answer: It’s just a slow fundraising process. But perseverance is important. Walt Disney wanted to build Disneyland for a long time, but he never gave up. And we will not give up on saving this important part of our history.

This Friday, the group will host an art show and a special visit from Bret Iwan, the iconic voice of Mickey Mouse. Only time will tell if the group can raise enough money to help restore Laugh-O-Gram, but given their perseverance anything is possible.


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