First Look: Be Our Guest Restaurant’s Ballroom Comes Alive

We’re getting our first look inside what is destined to become the hottest eatery in coming months at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom:  Be Our Guest restaurant!

Inspired by the animated Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast, this new restaurant, which will seat more than 500 guests, will be located within Beast’s Castle, one of the most highly anticipated features of the Fantasyland expansion.  Guests will be seated in one of three areas:  the Library/Gallery (Belle’s favorite!), the foreboding West Wing (home to the enchanted Red Rose), or the expansive, cathedral ceiling Ballroom, which is the subject of the video we share below.

To bring the setting of the Ballroom to life, Imagineers have cleverly designed a mural that sits outside of the arched windows, providing vistas of the French countryside beyond the castle’s wide terrace.  Imagineer Ted Robledo shares some of the secrets that will transport guests beyond the Magic Kingdom and straight to the magical ballroom.

The restaurant is slated to offer counter service during the day, and table service to guests in the evening.  No word yet on when Advanced Dining Reservations will be available for Be Our Guest, which is scheduled to open in late 2012, or what the menu might be.

Are you excited to step into the enchanted castle of Beast, and Be Our Guest for lunch or dinner?  Leave a comment below!


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