Go Behind the Scenes of Beast’s Castle With Walt Disney Imagineers

Earlier this week, we shared with you our first official look at Beast’s Castle, which will be added as part of the planned Fantasyland expansionat Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Today, we are very excited to present even more photographs detailing the construction of the castle, as well as a technique Disney Imagineers are using called forced perspective, which makes theĀ castle appear much larger than it actually is.

Forced perspective can most easily be described as a type of optical illusion. By manipulating the size and scale of a building based on the angles it will be viewed from, Imagineers can trick your eye into believing an object is larger than it actually is. The above photos show construction crews hard at work building the castle.

If you notice in the above photos, the artists rendering on the left sideĀ  and current construction work on the right are very similar; Beast’s castle sits high atop what will eventually be the Beauty and the Beast themed eatery Be Our Guest Restaurant. The restaurant will offer both quick-service lunches and table service dinners, and will immerse park guests in famed Disney storytelling style. On the far left is construction work for Maurice’s Cottage, Belle’s father in the classic Disney film.

We’re very excited to share with you our updates on Beast’s Castle and the entire Fantasyland expansion, which will start opening in phases next year. What do you think about the latest construction work?

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