Help the World’s Coral Reefs, See Disneynature’s Newest Film ‘Oceans’

Disneynature has promised to make a donation in honor of everyone who sees their new film ‘Oceans’ during it’s opening week; April 22nd – 28th. Pre-sale ticket numbers have been booming with 400,000 already sold, saving more than 790 acres of protected marine area in The Bahamas so far. Disney’s “See ‘Oceans,’ Save Oceans” initiative falls right in time for Earth Day, celebrated on April 22nd.

“With 400,000 tickets sold so far, Disneynature’s second film is making a huge splash and saving coral reefs along the way — and ‘Oceans’ hasn’t even opened yet,” said Chuck Viane, president, distribution, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. “Coral reefs are essential to the global ecosystem; we’re already on our way to establishing more than 790 acres of new marine protected areas — that’s the equivalent of about 600 football fields or nearly the size of New York City’s Central Park — and sales are still going strong.”

If you’re interested in helping the cause more information can be found on Disneynature’s official site.


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